About Us

Asa Coin will invest its ICO proceeds in the most coveted properties all around the world. It would not only secure the money with real estate, but would also distribute higher returns backed by properties. Our strategy is to combine real estate with blockchain and get the maximum throughput. The motto of this project is to leverage the benefits of property alongwith cryptocurrency and distribute it back manifold. It would help our investors get a long and sustainable growth. Asa Coin coin will provide the security and transparency with which investors will be able to multiply their benefits.

Real estate is a domain that has been yet untouched by the blockchain technology. Asa Coin is the initiative to optimize the benefits of both the realms and elongate the period of profits. It is an attempt to create a network of blockchain users who will be able to invest in real estate and earn through it effectively. This unique project will invest your money in property and safeguard you against all the risks involved. Real estate has always been prized possession for everyone and Asa Coin makes this valuable asset come to you with augmented benefits alongwith security and reliability.

The Future Of ASA Coin


Process faster and safer transactions with peer-to-peer architecture, pay anywhere and anytime in a hassle-free environment.

Smart contract Deed

By leveraging Registry and smart contracts platform, unnecessary delays and impediments inherent to legacy property rights registrations systems could be eliminated.

Real Estate E-commerce

Solve the problems facing international real estate transactions by creating a novel unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry.

Token Distribution

  • Total Token   450M
  • Core phase of token sale 60%   270M
  • Company 20%   90M
  • Project Team Share 10%   45M
  • Partners and Advisors 10%   45M
  • Branding and Marketing 45%
  • IT Infrastructure 15%
  • Software Development 15%
  • Operational Costs 15%
  • Legal 10%

Token Sale Proceeds


02nd quarter of 2018

Idea Generation

03rd quarter of 2018

Minimum viable product (MVP) development Started

04th quarter of 2018

White paper 3.2 V Completed

01st quarter of 2019

Commence beta testing with MVP

02nd quarter of 2019

Launching Real Estate E-commerce

03rd quarter of 2019

Allowing Real Estate Vendors & Users Registration

04th quarter of 2019

Mobile Application Development Start

01st quarter of 2020

Transaction with Block chain smart contract Deed

02nd quarter of 2020

Beta Version E-commerce

03rd quarter of 2020

Beta version Block chain Smart contract

AsaCoin (ASA) market added

AIRDROP and a chance to WIN 2500 ASA coins